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Building a strong brand takes

significant investment of resources, intention, commitment and passion from the founding and future team. This work starts with a strategic and united group that follow a singular purpose; an answer to the question, why do we do what we do? Among other documents, this purpose is distilled into a company’s Vision statement and its Values. These statements or guiding principles become a road map of sorts that the company and every team member uses through all aspects its operation.

Below is a look at the foundation we help business owners set when doing a full branding exercise. Each elements stacks and builds on the next.

Often the easy part is in setting these statements.

The hard part comes when when we as an organization need to live them. This “living” of the Purpose, Vision and Values requires great intention and for those stewards of the brand to operationalize them – or rather, to find ways to make the Values, Vision and Purpose reflected in the day-to-day operations of the company.

If we understand that a “brand” is summation of all the work, communication, touch-points and interactions of a company, then we can start to see how important it is to “live” these Values and always reflect back on our Purpose. This is how we build a strong brand.

If you haven’t watched already, this video from Simon Sinek‘s TED Talk offers more insight around this idea of leading with Purpose, or your why?

So, what gets you up in the morning?

Let’s start with your why and build an enviable brand so you can grow your business and attract customers and investors alike. Want to chat more? You can also take a look at our starter brand packages.

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