Shifting the course

of an innovative young

engineering group.

Just before their fifth birthday, Scovan came to Fever looking for assistance in how to market themselves. We quickly recognized where work needed to begin was with the brand itself. Scovan had a disconnection between their core and what they were presenting to customers. They were failing to express the vision of the company they were working hard to build and selling themselves short. Fever pivoted and in a short time frame worked to completely reposition the company and align their core messaging.


Growth in LinkedIn channel


Change in brand direction

Positioning to align with their brand promise

Forward Engineering. This statement became the basis of our branding work with Scovan. We realigned and redesigned the Scovan brand to communicate their promise of forward engineering.

Telling the story of a dynamic team

Fever worked with Scovan to build a series of videos. From a main storytelling video to a series of client testimonial videos.

Focusing on consistency and brand driven messaging

The only way to communicate an innovative brand is demonstrate innovation at every customer touchpoint. Each piece developed for Scovan allowed them to demonstrate their brand promise and cement their position as a leading industry innovator.

Setting Scovan apart from the market

A bit unexpected and always engaging; the driving factor behind Scovan’s website is a solid content strategy and plenty of video storytelling.

Fever was able to observe our business and in a short time understand the fundamental values and culture that makes us what we are, and then develop a marketing campaign and website that accurately and effectively communicates it. I would recommend them to anyone looking for branding or marketing assistance.

Donovan NielsenPresident, Scovan