Pillars of Work

Advocacy: Sharing the message, de-stigmatizing mental health, championing initiatives, supporting the overall work and objectives of the sector

Sector Connection: Bringing the gap between agencies, working to bring the sector together, collaboration

Building Community: Providing a space for community to come together, to heal as a group, sharing stories and building community members up

Creating community, breaking down barriers and bringing mental health to the forefront.

Focus and thought provoking initiatives

Taking a grassroots project, born out of tragedy, love and passion, into a growing and vital community building organization. Fever, along with a collective of other like-minded consultants, began working with Huddle Up in 2018. We helped to align the group and define a couple of big hairy goals for the future. From there, Fever refined the brand and worked with the Huddle Up to be able to communicate their story. Dreams and passions were shared, strategies were developed, plans moved forward. To the left is collaboration project with Village Brewery to bring mental health discussions to the forefront.






Huddle Up for Suicide Prevention
Huddle Up for Suicide Prevention

Other brands we have developed. Product, event and company brands.