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Quick to market brand development package that will give you a unique brand logo, colour palette, starter website and social media setup.



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Professional brand development package that will set you on the right foot including brand logo, brand standards, larger website, social media setup and condensed marketing plan.



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Expert brand development package, focused on growing your brand, including name development, brand logo, brand foundation package, website, social media package, marketing plan with key messaging for customer segments.



I'm not even sure which package I need, help?

If you are not sure which package supports your needs, give us a call. We can do a quick assessment over the phone and help steer you to the package that will offer you the most value or create a package tailored to you unique needs. Email us to set up a call.

What if I need other services not included in your 3 packages?

Easy! We have a list of add-on services you can look through or we can create something specific to your needs.

How long will the process take?

Each package has a different project process length, depending on the inclusions. Overall we aim to get you going as soon as possible, making sure we follow best practice and our proven process. But, commitments should be looked at on an annual basis as growing businesses have ongoing needs – it’s not enough to set it and forget it, your marketing will need to adapt and grow as you do.

What industries do you have experience with?

Fever has been around since 1995 and in that time we’ve helped a lot of startups. We’ve worked with food businesses (QSR, producers, consumer products), retailers, grocery stores, shopping centres, technology companies, energy sector, education, home builders and land developers, cannabis, professional services and non-profits. Name it, we’ve been there.

Can you help train my people to take over certain tasks?

Certainly! Some marketing and branding tasks are just better handled internally. We also recognize that startup team members will often wear many hats and marketing may not be their forte. We can work with your team to ensure they have the skills needed with one-on-one, team workshops or training sessions.

add-on services

Looking for more? Easily add-on services to any of our 3 packages above. Add-on services can be industry specific, such as food packaging, or for any industry, such as a tradeshow booth. Click the button below to see a full list.

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