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The Importance of Imagery and Your Business

By Guest Contributor, Katherine Calnan
With such a large shift of business being online first impressions are key when it comes to your online presence. If you’re starting your new business, rebranding your current business, you’ll definitely want images that grab the attention of your viewer.
Images can communicate so much from a story, emotion to a message. All the while these visual narratives can leave impressions on their beholder which words on their own can sometimes lack.
Here are some benefits to having polished imagery for your business so you can see its true potential:
  1. Who are you as a brand is clearly expressed
  2. What story are you telling
  3. Professional and Credible
  4. Compelling and Visually

Who are you as a brand

Images that are well thought out can communicate who you are as a brand and what your brand stands for. They can help to create connection with your audience. This is especially true if they align with your brand values and are authentic. Being able to share your mission and what you stand for in images can be powerful and also allow for a lasting impression in one’s mind.
To achieve this, define your brand and write down all the key points that make your company what it is. Next you want to tie the key concepts with the styling, lighting, creative concepts of your images.
When working with professional photographers this conversation is very important as this will set the tone for the photoshoot. Working with someone with experience in tying a vision to imagery can be beneficial as many concepts and ideas are brought to the table that one might not have even thought of!

What story are you telling

In addition to the look and feel of imagery, is there a story and emotion that you want communicated? It has been said that when looking back to moments in one’s life often time the details of a moment might be lost but the feeling can be easily recalled. Being able to share a story has the potential to help you stand out and create a long lasting emotional imprint.

Professional and Credible

Imagery that is polished and has that “clean look” can install an impression of professionalism which can go hand in with credibility.

Compelling Content

Living in our digitally saturated world, standing out is one way to have your audience click on your site, generate a phone call or an online sale. The majority of people are visual and a website consisting of mostly images appeals to those viewers.

If photography or even concept creation is not your forte, this is where the help of a photographer or experience advice from a marketing and branding firm.


This article is written by Katherine of Katherine Calnan Photography – Award winning YYC based photography studio. Be sure to check out her work and follow her page on Instagram.

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