since 1995.

We ignite your phoenix moment through socially conscious brand and marketing solutions.

We just want to do good work and make our client’s lives easier.

Fever is a Calgary brand development and marketing firm. Since 1995, we have been working with local and national clients on their brand and marketing strategies, connecting them with their target audiences and driving engagement. Our solutions are uniquely crafted for each client, responding to their position, passion, needs and objectives.

We are a no-muss, no-fuss kind of agency that listens to our clients, focuses on their success and is passionate about giving back to the community.

the faces of fever.

dan finocchiaro

Dan, a seasoned veteran in the industry, has evolved into a distinguished digital retouch artist, standing as an early adopter of this technology. His expertise includes brand positioning, conceptual development for campaigns, advertising copywriting, and digital compositing. Throughout his career, Dan has garnered insights into the myriad of challenges faced by businesses. As the leader of our creative and digital design teams, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skill that helps drive excellence in our projects.

jenn omoregie

As Marketing Coordinator, Jenn brings a unique blend of skills to the table. She specializes in marketing strategy, research, copywriting, and social media. With a logical and analytical mind, she approaches every project with a measured dose of pragmatism. Beyond marketing, Jenn is driven by a passion for social justice. She envisions herself as an agent of change, using her skills to make a positive impact on the world.

joanne finocchiaro

Joanne is a dedicated design professional with a flair for fashion, interiors, advertising, and packaging. With formal training in typography, she has an eye for details that have the potential to make a significant impact on project outcomes. Her commitment to delivering effective solutions is unwavering, regardless of the challenge at hand. ⁠She is integral to our creative processes, brand positioning efforts, relationship building, and strategic thinking.

lindsay hill

Lindsay has grown up in the industry. As partner, client lead, and project strategist at Fever, Lindsay is instrumental in formulating comprehensive strategic plans that drive our clients toward their goals. Her approach involves meticulous questioning, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Lindsay is passionate about building connections, cultivating community, and supporting those around her.

lori killam

Lori is not your average Business Development Manager – she's a dedicated dynamo with a passion for community involvement and relationship building. With a background in hospitality, she's a pro at engaging diverse groups of people and forging connections. Lori's commitment to making a positive impact doesn't stop at the office door - she actively participates in various community initiatives and volunteer programs. She deeply understands the importance of collaboration in achieving shared goals, which is what motivates her.

the octopus.

Our unofficial mascot, the octopus is wise, adaptable and empathetic. It is an eternal symbol of innovation, creativity and flexibility. They are resilient creatures, always moving forward and problem solving.

partners, supporters, long time committed friends.

Our small-but-mighty team works with a much larger and still mighty team of experts to ensure we have everyone needed to accomplish great work.

we promise to

walk beside you

We meet you where you are at and work alongside your team to achieve, together. We dig in to compassionately do the work that is needed. We’re all just humans, right?


create clarity

When we are clear, honest and true, everyone benefits. And, we are going to help you gain clarity in your next step on your path to better.


do good

In all that we do, in every interaction, we look to create positive impacts. The longevity of our relationships and frequency of our referrals is proof.


create possibility

There is always a solution, a path forward, another opportunity and room for growth. We connect challenges to strategies and continually deliver creativity to ignite your phoenix moment.

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